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This year 2013 the Society calibrates its 40th anniversary ,  to mark the occasion a dinner was held at the Strathmore Hotel Morecambe on the 27th of March, members and guests  enjoyed a meal followed by a free raffle before being entertained by some of the members on a Tyros 4.  There are some photos of the event in our Photo Gallery.

All present were given a 40th Anniversary  Souvenir Booklets

The society was originally the Grange and District Organ Society which was formed in 1973 by a group  of enthusiasts who met at each others homes and decided to expand, they started to meet at the  Netherwood Hotel in Grange there object being to spread their knowledge and encourage the playing  of  the electronic organ.

 Local dealers offered to teach on the Wednesday evenings and loaned an organ for the occasion. After a  time the committee borrowed money from some of the members and bought their own organ. Tea  dances and other events were held to eventually pay them back.

  Membership fluctuated over the years  but it was never a large society. Eventually the programme of two monthly Wednesday meetings was  extended to include a monthly concert by a professional organist, a format  which is still used today.  Some members still remember the struggle to get a Hammond organ, which was borrowed from the  Furness society, up the steps into the hotel for these early concerts.

 After the closure of the Lunesdale Organ Society, based in Morecambe, a few stalwarts from  Morecambe travelled to Grange which helped to boost the diminishing numbers. In 2006 it was  decided to change the name to The Bay Organ & Keyboard Society in order to more accurately  describe the area from which members belonged.

 By this time the society had moved from the Netherwood Hotel to Grange Parish Hall in the hope of  attracting more members. This did not materialise plus there were added complications with the  entertainments license, so early in 2007 it was reluctantly decided to move away from Grange. Our  present premises at St Christopher’s Hall  on St Christopher’s Way , Morecambe, became available so  the move was made. After two concerts and six Wednesday meetings in 2007 it became apparent  that the society had made the right decision, although there were a few disappointed members from  Grange, the society is looking to a bright future.

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